This includes all types of settings. For some of our customers ‘home’ means the house they have lived in for many years or their family home. For other customers it may mean a flat in a sheltered block that is warden assisted. Or it could be an apartment in a retirement village or a room in a supported living scheme.

Most of our customers choose home care services so they can remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings and continue to feel involved in their local community. Sometimes, however, a customer may need, or may choose, to move to a residential care home. These homes offer group living arrangements. They provide accommodation as well as their own staff to provide care and support.

There may be occasions when a customer either moving to, or living in, residential care wishes to receive additional one-to-one care from us. This might be for a variety of reasons. For instance, a customer who has built a trusting relationship with their care worker and feels they are best able to understand their care needs, or a customer who needs intensive additional one-to-one support. Or a customer who wants some extra care to help them adjust to a move into a care home or to moving out into an independent or assisted living community.

We can help to make these moves as smooth as possible. This may be especially helpful when friends and family live far away. Our service can give families the reassurance of knowing their loved one is getting that extra care and support in their care home that they would give if they were closer at hand.

Our care workers can greet the customer when he or she arrives at the care homeand identify activities and items of interest in the new home. They can also help the customer to unpack, get organised and establish a new schedule that makes the most of the community's amenities and services.

Most local offices are happy to provide these service if required.

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